The highest quality Didactic diagnosis Didactic diagnosis (אבחוןדדקטי) you get with the Heseg Institute

Oftentimes, babies have deficiencies in the school, reflected in reduced levels that alert their educators, who immediately inform the student’s representatives. In many cases, the intellectual ability of the student doesn’t correspond to their own academic performance, which alerts them to a learning deficit, however, when this is discarded, one passes a point of doubt about what’s happening with the baby.

Therefore, it is important to perform a Didactic diagnosis (אבחון דידקטי) which will verify the student’s learning capacity, with evaluations of their cognitive abilities, ranging from psychodynamic evaluations to other motor skills, which will verify and quantify what is happening with the student in question, clearing doubts about his ability and offering him the possibility of having a Diagnostic testing (אבחוןדידקטי) curriculum suited to his particular abilities and needs. The evaluations are made with didactics and a lot of professionalism, avoiding any type of pressure or discomfort on the patient, to obtain the most reliable results.

In that sense, at the Heseg Institute, they are the best specialists in this branch of medicine, to offer you the greatest security and confidence in the studies carried out, with a team of experts and professionals who are committed to the health and comfort of the patient. It is important to note that at the Heseg Institute they perform the Didactic diagnosis (אבחוןדדקטי) for all ages, making sure to provide a high-quality service, with an exclusive dedication in each patient.

Additionally, on the website of the Institute will get the testimony of various patients who would be the endorsement of their support, ensuring the quality and professionalism with that studies have been conducted, putting first the patient’s comfort. At the same time, they offer economic facilities to guarantee the realization of the analysis regardless of its economic extent, which makes it feasible for it to receive the best attention at the best price.

Finally, at the Heseg Institute, you’ll secure the best group of professionals dedicated to the health of their patients, who ensure they feel comfortable to those who will be evaluated to guarantee the most transparent and dependable results possible, with economical facilities to adapt to their own budget.